The diversity and increasing complexity of the tasks and responsibilities in the building industry carry considerable potential for conflict for all those involved in the planning and construction process – despite all competencies. A lack of communication and biased views can cause a harmless discussion to escalate, incurring long-term damage to the work climate. Projects cease to make progress, endangering the success of the project, incurring the threat of considerable financial losses. Going to court to settle differences often seems to be the only way to solve the situation. After long lasting cases have ended, the court’s judgement or other offers of settlement are often perceived to be extremely unfair, and formerly good business relationships have been irretriebably destroyed.

Mediation is another option in addition to arbitration. It is a voluntary, self-determined and confidential process for both parties to come to a quick, cost-efficient and above all innovative and thus sustainable solutions – outside of the courtroom. In mediation, the mediator acts as a neutral third party to foster constructive communication between the parties concerned, ensures structured approaches and supports the parties in opening up new perspective and solutions through mutual perception and understanding.

Hella Rolfes is a trained mediator for the areas planning, construction and environment. She gained her qualifications from the Academy of Further Education of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects (Akademie für Fort- und Weiterbildung der Bayerischen Architektenkammer) as well as the Vienna Chamber of Architects and Engineers (Wiener Arch+Ing Akademie) and Chamber of Architectural and Engineering Consultants (Kammer der Architekten- und Ingenieurkonsulenten).

The social competencies, gained through years of experience, enables Hella Rolfes to recognise conflict potential early on, and as an external and thus neutral intermediary, to constructively support the parties involved in developing satisfying solutions.

Hella Rolfes offers mediation or individual mediative counselling to help solve your precise concern. For more detailed information, please contact me by telephone or the email hidden; JavaScript is required below.  I will be pleased to advise you without any obligation.