Culture and Conference Center,
Concert House, Freiburg, Germany
The new concert house on the west side of Freiburg’s inner city is used for concerts and other cultural events as well as for conventions and conferences. It is the headquarters of the Symphonic Orchestra of Baden-Baden and Freiburg.

By restoring the old block boundaries and incorporating the adjacent building heights, the building fits well into the surrounding cityscape. White exposed concrete and pink granite are the characterising materials used for the facade. The fully glazed foyer facing west and a number of skylights ensure that the building is flooded with light.

The centrepiece of the building is the great hall in linear alignment, which can hold some 1800 guests in concert seating. In fitting the hall with a mobile lifting floor and the possibility of raising the side mezzanine level, it can be connected continuously on three sides to the foyer areas on the first floor. This created a sophisticated and modern setting for various other events, such as conventions, exhibitions, presentations, receptions and balls.


Project and Team Manager for Dietrich Bangert in Bangert Scholz Architekten, Berlin

Freiburger Komunalbauten GmbH & Co.KG

Dietrich Bangert

Project and Team Management
Hella Rolfes

Project Management
Freiburger Stadtbau GmbH

Cost Planning
Drees & Sommer AG, Stuttgart

Site Supervision
Büro am Lützowplatz, Kraft, Scheele und Partner, Berlin
Structural Engineer
Scherberger und Partner, Freiburg

Lighting Consultants
Lichtdesign Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Institut für Tageslichttechnik Stuttgart
TGA Sutterlin + Partner, Freiburg
Ingenieurgruppe Freiburg GmbH, Freiburg
Ingenieurbüro Wismath, Gundelfingen

Building physics
Bauplanungs- und Ingenieurgesellschaft
DS-Plan, Stuttgart

Müller BBM GmbH, Planegg, München

Stage systems
Ing. Büro Tetzlaff, Olching


1990 - 1995

1992 - 1996

Scope of Services
LPH. 2 - 8, §15 HOAI

Gross floor area
33.718 sqm

Gross volume
147.574 cbm

Total costs