Three-bay Sports Facility
Schuldorf Bergstraße

Limited open competition
Seeheim-Jugenheim 02/2009

The “school village“ in Bergstraße was the first cooperative comprehensive school in the FRG. Today it is under monument protection due to its unique grounds and architecture. The object of the competition is to plan building and open space for the erection of a new three-bay sports hall in spatial and functional coherence with the school village.


Da-Di-Werk Gebäudemanagement,Eigenbetrieb Landkreis Darmstadt-Dieburg

Hella Rolfes

Associate Architect
Joachim Kleine Allekotte

Bauer und Partner Landschatsarchitekten, Karlsruhe

Structural Engineer
Eisenloffel Sattler + Partner, Berlin

Services Engineers
Zibell Willner & Partner, Berlin

Gross floor area
5.205 sqm

Net floor area
2.866 sqm


Grandstand seats
522 total, thereof 162 mobile

In addition to the realisation of a new entry area for the school village, with good orientation and connection of all related school areas, focus of planning was on the sensitive urban and topographical integration of the new three-bay sports hall into the school village’s grounds.

The new sports hall with its the modern architecture and contemporary materials set it apart from the surrounding listed buildings without dominating. It creates new accents and is clearly perceivable as a complement to the existing building ensemble. At the same time, it is integrated into the entire grounds. The new sports hall adds an important new component to the school village, not only in being an attractive addition, but also in that it will help create identity for both students and visitors.

As an addition to the school, open-air theatre and the cafeteria, the new sports hall defines a central space representing the future entrance to the overall school grounds. The building is pushed back towards south-east and into the hillside. This was done in favour of aligning the new building in an ideal urban planning manner, and to create a central area for use and parking. This allows a subordinate and thus compatible height integration of the new building volume with regard to the listed buildings. The new sports hall has two floors and is directed to the north and west, whereby the front follows the existing topography of the grounds in an easterly direction and only the roof of the hall can be seen through the greenery toward the south.