Swimming and Diving Facility in Europa Sport Park, Berlin, Germany

The swimming and diving hall, which was completed in November 1999, is part of the Europa-Sportpark Berlin complex together with the Velodrom, which has been in operation since January 1997.

With the vision of hosting the Olympic Games in Berlin in the year 2000, the city began designing new sports facilities according to the most modern points of view soon after the fall of the Berlin Wall. In 1992, Dominique Perrault won the competition for the velodrome and the swimming and diving hall with the convincing urban planning concept of sinking the two hall areas into the ground like amphitheatres and integrating them into a publicly accessible park. Only the cantilevered steel roofs clad in stainless steel mesh float like a lake with their light reflections in the garden planted with more than 450 ornamental apple trees, which rises from the surrounding street level by approx. 2.5m to 5.0m and is accessed by a circumferential staircase and ramps.


Project and Team Manager for the architects Perrault and Partner

Paul-Heyse Straße 26, 10407 Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Land Berlin, vertreten durch Olympia Sportstättenbauten GmbH

Dominique Perrault, Architekten Perrault und Partner, Paris/Berlin

Project and Team Management
Hella Rolfes

German Architecture Award, 1999
Architecture Award Berlin, 2000

Project Management
Promos Projektmanagement, Berlin

Landschaft Planen & Bauen, Berlin

Facades Planning
Ing. Büro Fuchs, München

Structural Engineer
Ove Arup & Partner London/Berlin
TGA Ove Arup & Partner London/Berlin

Building physics
IBUS_Institut für Bau-, Umwelt- und Solarforschung
IBP_Fraunhofer Institut für Bauphysik, Stuttgart


1993 - 1998

1995 - 1999

Scope of Services
LPH. 1 - 8, §15 HOAI

Gross area
49.676 sqm

Net usable area
21.115 sqm

Gross volume
357.115 cbm

Total costs

After the International Olympic Committee chose Sydney as the venue for the 1993 Games, Berlin continued to build the halls. Competition venues were built according to the latest international standards, which meet all the requirements of the international professional associations. Certification as a hall with a competition-standard swimming pool, diving pool and diving facility was awarded in 2000 by a committee of experts commissioned by the German Swimming Association. The Europasportpark can host international competitions up to world championships in swimming, diving, water polo and synchronised swimming. Excellent training facilities and ideal competition conditions have been created here for competitive athletes. In addition, the pool offers an attractive recreational swimming and learning facility with another 50m swimming pool, a teaching pool, a therapy pool and two children's paddling pools.